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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q . How do I begin the design process for my custom cap?

A. Fill out the design survey on the Get Started page of the website and send that to us along with your logo.
You will be promptly contacted by a design consultant from our team.

Q . Do I need to already have a design for my custom cap?

A. No, we will design your custom headwear based upon the needs and desires you share – providing ideas and a complete layout
for your review and approval.

Q . What are my choices of fabrics and colors for my custom cap?

A. You have many fabric options which include: cotton twill, brushed cotton,
cotton duck, chino, oil clothe, mesh and wool to name a few. If you have a special fabric request,
please let us know. Most solid fabric colors are available along with a variety of camouflage – licensed
and unlicensed. We also have a selection of printed fabrics for a unique look to your custom cap.

Q . Can I mix solid and printed fabric colors together or request specific fabrics for my custom cap?

A. Yes, let our design team know your preferences and specific need for colors and fabrics.

Q . What are my options for the cap style?

A. We can build your cap as a low, mid or high profile – structured or unstructured – short, long or standard
bill length – flat or pre-curved bill – fitted or custom back closure. Combine these options to create your
custom cap style.

Q . Can I choose the button and sewn eyelet color for my cap?

A. Yes, the button color and sewn eyelets will be customized to complement your custom cap.

Q . What are my choices for embroidery options and locations?

A. You may refer to the design option page to view the actual decoration and location options available to
you. There is no limit to the combination of decoration options and locations you can choose for your
custom headwear.

Q . Will I get to see an actual sample cap prior to final approval and production?

A. Yes, an actual sample cap fully decorated will be sent you to at no cost for review and final approval
before your order is produced.

Q . How long will the custom cap design, production and delivery process take?

A. The entire process will vary from order to order. However, the average time from start to finish for a
custom cap order ranges from 90 to 120 days.

Q . How much will my custom caps cost?

A. Prices for custom caps range from $4.50 to $10.00 per cap. The actual cost for your custom cap will
depend upon the overall amount of embroidery and value added options you select. A formal quote will
be provided once the design team completes the interview process and all of your options have been

Q . What is the minimum quantity of caps I need to order?

A. The minimum quantity for any custom cap order is 144 units of the same design and color scheme.
Increments of even dozens must be ordered above the minimum quantity. Additional price breaks given at 312, 576 or more units ordered. Contact Information:

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